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How is dnlocal different from any other forum on domains?
by Lidador
How is dnlocal different from any other forum on domains?

ELITE MEMBERS Inside you’ll find most of the top domainers worldwide. They are the gurus, the opinion makers’ movers and shakers of our industry. (We’re still on invitation mode, but the list of top domainers is growing fast)
CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS Auctions on non-English domain names are guaranteed, rated and commented by a native speaker. (We’re still recruiting translators, so expect this not to be fully functional at start)
CONTENT OWNERSHIP Stop creating content for forum owners! Dnlocal has fully integration with Facebook, Twitter and your own WordPress blog. When you start a thread you think can do a good post, share it with your friends and the World with a click of a button! (Facebook and Twitter fully functional, WP soon)
SCRIPTS We prepared the scripts for you to easy and fast develop your domains. Simple select the keyword (utf-8), change your affiliate id, save and upload. (New resources will be added regularly)
DROP LISTS We do all the research for you: and give all the information in an easy to read and decide where to invest your money. Our reports are indented to be read by English only speakers.
MAKE MONEY PASSIVELY dnlocal is a closed forum; new members can only join by invitation: your invitations! Every member you invite is your affiliate; every invitee of your invitee is also your affiliate! (MLM)

premiun japanese and china domains
Sorry post moved here
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some chinese IDNs low price for sales.
Some chinese best IDNs for sales.
Single Keyboard Letter dot net
ő.net (Hungarian alphabet) xn--8fa.net Placed up for test auction in idn auctions section. Start bid $50.00 increments of $5 Ends 72 hours after last bid Letter is present on the Hungarian Keyboard link inside link inside Letter has great serps "ő" - Google Search =g5 ő - Wiktionary Auction is running in auction sections Single Keyboard Letter --- dot net - IDN Forums - Internationalised Domain Names Dont Miss this auction.
销售.BIZ Sales...
Auctions rules
external link...

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